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  1. Concert de Cré Tonnerre

    Concert de Cré Tonnerre

    Venue: Delirium Café

    Entre: 15 January 2015 20:30

    Pour la sortie de son nouvel Album "Bordées Sauvages", Cré Tonnerre revient faire la fête au Delirium Café à Bruxelles ! Entrée GRATUITE !

  2. Concert Chris and Moira Delirium Café Brussels

    Concert Chris and Moira Delirium Café Brussels

    Venue: Delirium Café Brussels

    Entre: 20 November 2014 20:00
    Et: 21 November 2014 00:00

    Delirium Café & The Embassy of the Republic of Malta in Brussels are proud to welcome you to the Chris & Moira concert!

    'More than love' brought CHRIS AND MOIRA together in 1994 and it was the start of guitars and loud guitars, vocals, large sound drums and pop rock tunes. Both singers and songwriters makes them the band they are today with a track record of unstoppable production and performances with Bassist Billy B and drummer Stefan Tate. It is not a story of growth but a dream come true and a great adventure.

    For Chris and Moira music is a serious matter but their fans are allowed to follow them for fun!

    Their music is on stage or on the web and it belongs to anyone with a good mind for meaning and a good ear for music.

    CHRIS AND MOIRA are currently on Tour in Europe promoting their new album 'ninety nights and a Monday'.

    See you there!

  3. Hoppy Loft Meet the Brewer: Green Flash Brewing Co

    Hoppy Loft Meet the Brewer: Green Flash Brewing Co

    Venue: Delirium HOPPY LOFT Brussels

    Entre: 19 November 2014 19:00
    Et: 19 November 2014 21:00

    We are pleased to welcome Green Flash Brewing Co.

    They are in Europe for a special event:

    Mike and Lisa Hinkley, Co-Founders Green Flash Brewing Co. and Dominique Friart, CEO of Brewery St-Feuillien are excited to announce news about the evolution of their ongoing, cross-continental brewing alliance.

    These innovative breweries have made the strategic decision to advance their relationship from creatively collaborative “sister-breweries” to pioneer new territory as production partners in Europe. After a year of top-secret planning, St-Feuillien and Green Flash are executing plans based on a handshake agreement whereby the legendary Belgian operation will brew, bottle and ship the San Diego craft brewery’s flagship beer, West Coast IPA® for broad distribution throughout Europe.

    Green Flash is thrilled to be the first American craft brewery to bring the freshest available American IPA to market in the region.

    Come try it with us! Cheers!


  4. Guinness World Records

    Guinness World Records

    Venue: Delirium Village

    Entre: 18 October 2013 11:34


    "The most varieties of beer commercially available was 2,004 at Deliriump Café, Brussels, Belgium when counted on 9 January 2004"


  5. nouvel uniforme pour les barmaids

    nouvel uniforme pour les barmaids

    Venue: delirium village

    nouvel uniforme pour les barmaids




     Iron Maiden Beer: available in the bars of Delirium Village

  7. Nouvelle absinthe au Floris Bar

    Venue: FLORIS BAR

    Absinthe du Centenaire

    Envoûtante et surnaturelle, tous les moyens ont été employés pour tenter

    de détruire la fée verte. 100 ans après l'interdiction de l'absinthe, notre fée

    renaît de ses cendres avec l'Absinthe du Centenaire.

    Cette recette inédite de la distillerie Devoille réunit des ingrédients

    d'exception tels que l'artemisia afra (armoise africaine), l'artemisia

    pontica, l'hysope, l'angélique, la grande et la petite absinthe, les graines de

    coriandre, et bien d'autres tenus secrets par la distillerie. Toutes ces

    plantes sont issues de la production Devoille et sont cueillies aux premières

    gelées et sous la neige. C'est ce qui donne à cette absinthe une intensité

    aromatique si particulière.

    L'Absinthe du Centenaire se caractérise notamment par ses notes florales

    et herbacées, la fraîcheur du fenouil et la typicité de la Grande Absinthe.



7 article(s)

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