Smisje Big Bayou

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Very good snowwhite head with lacerings. Veiled, but bright-orange beer. Spicy, citrussy, very yeasty nose with "young" esters. Fresh bitter oranges. Spicy-bitterish, with again, a fruity orangey sweetness in the background. Finish is a bit empty, but the very cold serving temperature wasn’t helping here. Warming up, I get citrus, mainly oranges if a bit unripe ones. Medium bodied (4%!!), slick. Hint at alcohol, which surprises me no end. Not half bad! If it keeps in the bottle, it might develop even better, if the low ABV doesn’t prevent it. The peppers give spicy bitterness, but no real heat.
Smisje Big Bayou
Taux d'alcool : 4%
Quantité : 33 cl
Producteur : Br. Smisje
Pays : Belgique

Smisje Big Bayou

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